Hi, I'm Shrey, a design engineer who loves building tools for productivity. Currently helping sales teams with conversational intelligence at Clari, also experimenting with LLMs on the side.

In the past, I helped build the SQL Editor and establish design processes at Atlan. I've also built tools to study technology use in families. I have two cats, love talking about sustainable lifestyles, a huge fan of Khruangbin and a lifelong stan of the Mass Effect universe.

My Work
Cover image for playground section
Pie for Pi-hole, a raycast extension
Cover Image for One More Whistle!
Cover image for playground section
Guide to leading a sustainable lifestyle in india
Article about tools I use

I reviewed all(most) every Mossant kombucha flavour

And I learnt a lot about fermentation and astringency.

15th Sept '23

Dissecting my workflow

Tools and tricks I use for blazing productivity.

15 May '22

Advertising in an Attention Deficit Economy

Does humour and absurdity have any effect on advertorial persuasion?

8 Dec '20

Coinbase and The Inoculation Theory

A brief look at the Inoculation Theory and how Coinbase tried using it to turn the tables.

29 Nov '20

The Lockdown Weblog

An effort to journal the minutiae of daily life during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

24 Mar '20

GE Healthcare's Precision Challenge 2018

My experiences from my first hackathon and tips for students on how to approach them.

23 Feb '20